Saskatchewan Bird Hunting has it all! It's all spread out before you - an abundance of meat dishes, gravies, veggies, and desserts you just can't pass up is arranged on a large dining table and there's a card with your name on it at the head of the table. Food beyond imagination is sitting there just waiting for you. Can you imagine the scene?

This is what it's like for waterfowl flying south over Northern Saskatchewan. Acres and acres of pea, wheat, and barley fields that have been harvested and have remnants of the crops lying on the ground just waiting to be snatched up by passing migratory birds. Potholes of water dot the landscape, making it the perfect sanctuary for geese and ducks to take a break from the beginning of what's bound to be a very long journey south.

It's the perfect opportunity to harvest these birds while they're still fattened up from their summer foraging in northern regions. All these advantages are why you need to get in on the action of a Saskatchewan bird hunting trip.

No Shortage of Birds

Northern Saskatchewan is home to one of Canada's most trafficked migratory waterfowl flyways. What kinds of game birds can you expect on your Saskatchewan bird hunting expedition? Canada geese are a prime species that use this populated fly zone as they migrate south in search of milder winter climates.

You'll also find Blue geese, Specklebelly geese, Snow geese, and Cacklers. You may also encounter many Mallards and Pintail ducks during your hunt, so be ready to aim and fire!

Migratory waterfowl travel in groups of varying sizes. You may have only one or two geese fly in at a time, or you may find yourself under a thunderous cloud of thousands of calling geese. When you're fortunate enough to be in the midst of large groups of migrating birds, the sight and sound is almost more than you can imagine.

You can actually hear the sound of wings cutting through the air. And the cacophony of goose calls is enough to rattle your brain. It's an experience like none other and you don't want to miss a moment of it.

Saskatchewan Bird Hunting Creates Lasting Memories

The experience of lying in your blind beneath incoming birds is enough to create the memory of a lifetime, but harvesting those birds makes the experience even better. When you book a Saskatchewan bird hunting trip with Duck Duck Goose Outfitting, your guide will set you up in the perfect waterfowl hunting scenario.

You'll be surrounded by lifelike stationary decoys, as well as motorized decoys that mimic true-to-life motions of birds in flight. With a multitude of decoys in front of you, passing geese will naturally be drawn to your decoy spread. After all, if all those goose decoys are there it must mean there's a ton of grain available for the taking.

Once your decoys have been arranged, it will be time to nestle into your cozy ground blind and wait for the harvesting opportunities to roll in. As shot after shot rings out, and your ducks and geese fall to the ground, your guide will take care of bringing them in.

And if that's not enough, it gets even better; your guide will also make sure your birds get cleaned and properly stored so you can enjoy the meat later.

VIP Treament

The Duck Duck Goose Outfitting staff will also make sure you have plenty of photographs to memorialize your hunt. Not a moment will be forgotten when you've got snapshots to remind you of the hunt and the harvest.

With so many ducks and geese calling your name, what are you waiting for? Book a spot for yourself, get together a crew of friends for a guys' (or girls'!) trip, or reserve a spot beneath the migratory flyway for you and the family. When you choose Duck Duck Goose Outfitting for your Saskatchewan bird hunting trip, you and your guests will receive VIP treatment, including cozy accommodations, hot meals served up in the morning and evening, and your choice of a variety of dishes and warm beverages to carry with you when you head out for the hunt.

With an abundance of hunting opportunities and inviting Canadian hospitality, there's no reason to miss out on enjoying the hunt.

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