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Ever wondered why bird hunting in northern Saskatchewan is all the rage? It's because here, the skies are adorned with the grand Greater Canada Geese, the playful Cacklers, and the vibrant Snow & Blue Geese, not to mention our colorful Specklebelly.

Our hunting Zones 53 54, 55 & 67 in Saskatchewan are a duck lover's dream. Think Mallards, Pintails, and the colorful Blue and Green Winged Teals – and that's just scratching the surface.  We have 27 different species!

Looking for something unique on your hunting trip to Saskatchewan, Canada? Keep an eye out for Sand Hill Cranes – “ribeye in the sky” - you can bag 5 per day with us.

It’s a sight that both newcomers and seasoned Canadian residents hunting in Saskatchewan eagerly await each season. You may even be lucky enough to photograph the rare Whooping Crane, which migrate through our area.

Simply put, hunting in Saskatchewan offers an unparalleled bird-watching and hunting experience!

Equipment List

  • Your own personal toiletries and hunting gear
  • Outdoor footwear is not permitted inside the lodge, so please bring footwear/slippers that can be worn indoors
  • Soft gun case for your shotgun
  • Layered clothing appropriate to temperature (32- 68 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Camouflaged hat, hunting suit, and face mask (patterns to watch for are Advantage Wetlands, Fall Flight, Shadow Grass)
  • White hunting suit and face mask for Snow Goose hunting
  • Raingear and footwear appropriate for field hunting
  • All shotguns must be plugged to allow two shots in the mechanism and one in the chamber
  • Gun cleaners
  • A cooler (if taking birds home)
  • Duck and goose calls (please know how to use them).
  • For Snow Goose calling, we supply and use electronic calls
  • It is an asset to have camouflage for your gun or a black matte finish
  • Dog kennels - all dogs must sleep in their kennel

Reservations and Deposits

  • Bookings are done on a “first come, first serve” basis; only a deposit will hold a spot.
  • Reserve by telephone the dates you or your group prefers.
  • Once booked, Duck Duck Goose Outfitters will require full names, complete addresses, and telephone numbers for all group members.
  • Each member of your group is required to send a 50% deposit in US funds.  This deposit is to be received within 14 days of your telephoned reservation.  Once we have received the deposits from all group members, Duck Duck Goose Outfitters will send out a letter of confirmation.
  • Payment must be received in full upon arrival for the hunt. Payment can be made in cash or by certified cheque. All payments are non-refundable unless medical or special circumstances occur.
  • Personal cheques will not be accepted for the balance of payment.

What's Included

  • Accommodations and meals
  • Blinds and decoys
  • Bird cleaning (breasted only), frozen, labelled and ready for your cooler
  • Guiding and Scouting

What's Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Airport pickup/return - there is a per person fee of $150.00 USD for us to pick you up and return you to the airport. Alternatively,  you can rent your own vehicle from the following rental groups:
    - Alamo Rent A Car 1-800-992-9823;
    - Avis Car Rental – (306) 652-3434;
    - Budget Vehicle Rentals (306) 664-1693;
    - Thrifty Car Rentals (306) 244-8000;
    - Enterprise Rent a Car (306) 652-9119;
    - Hertz (306) 244-8062
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Shotgun shells (we can supply 3” shells for market price per box) or you can pick up your own at Cabela’s in Saskatoon.
  • Gratuities - 15-20%


  • All hunters are required to sign the liability agreement. 101076424 Saskatchewan Ltd. (License Number C3026), shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, cost, injury, expenses or damage to person or property which results directly or indirectly from any act, whether negligent or otherwise of commission or omission, or any person, firm, or corporation which is to, or does provide products or services in connection with your trip, including but not limited to transportation, services, lodging, food and beverage, entertainment, sightseeing, luggage handling, or guiding.
  • 101076424 Saskatchewan Ltd. reserves the right to change any part of the itinerary without notice and for any reason.101076424 Saskatchewan Ltd. takes no responsibility for the weather, and to what degree it may jeopardize the quality of your hunt. Everything offered as part of this trip is described in writing herein. No other representation, description, or promises are valid unless they are confirmed in writing. The payment of your deposit is deemed as your acceptance of the above-described conditions.

Hotel Reservations

Depending on the departure and arrival times of certain flights, overnight accommodation in Saskatoon may be required. Hotel reservations in this circumstance are the sole responsibility of the hunter. Duck Duck Goose Outfitters recommend the following hotels:

Listing of Major Hotels in Saskatoon

  • Courtyard by Marriott Saskatoon Airport (306) 986-4993
  • Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Saskatoon Airport (306) 933-1010
  • Travelodge Hotel (306) 242-8881
  • Saskatoon Inn (306)242-1440
  • Sandman Hotel (306) 477-4844

Season Dates

September 1 - October 31
Upland Game Birds open after September 15

Bag Limits

Canada Geese – 8 per day per hunter.  Possession – 24.

Snow and Blue Geese – 20 per day per hunter.  Possession – 60.

Specklebelly Geese – 8 per day.  Possession – 24.

Ducks – 8 per day per hunter.  Possession – 24.

Sandhill Cranes – 5 per day per hunter.  Possession – 15.

Sharp-tailed Grouse – 2 per day. Possession 4

Gray (Hungarian) Partridge – 4 per day. Possession 8.

Ruffed & Spruce Grouse – 10 per day.  Possession 20.

License Fees and Gun Registration

Regulations for temporarily importing firearms into Canada are in effect. The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration must be presented in triplicate and unsigned, to a customs officer at your first point of entry into Canada. There is an annual Dept. of Justice fee of $25.00 (Cdn.). If you have any questions, please call 1-800-731-4000. You should also check with US Customs regarding any requirements they may have.

Click the link for visitors to Canada at the Canadian Firearms Center’s website that contains important information and the required form to complete with regards to gun regulations.

Licences will be purchased for you ($237.50 CDN) payable in cash upon arrival.

We must purchase all hunting licenses prior to your arrival. The licensing system in Saskatchewan has changed and is now an automated system – the HAL ID system. To start the licensing process, each hunter must obtain a Hal ID number (HAL Identification Number).

You can do so by going online at your convenience at; or by calling the Active Call Centre at 1-855-848-4773 and creating an account over the phone. We have included a form for you to fill out prior to starting this process to aid you. This form is found on our website under forms (HAL ID Form). You must then provide us with a copy of this form and your HAL ID so that we can purchase licenses prior to your arrival.

There is also a Waiver Form to be filled out and forwarded prior to your arrival here.  Found under Forms (Waiver Form).

A copy of the SK Hunter's Guide will be available prior to the hunt, as you must adhere to the Regulations while hunting with us.  You can also review Regulations online at  Go to the Hunters’ and Trappers’ Guide for information.

Convictions and Entering Canada

Those with criminal offences less than 10 years old may still be refused entry and be required to pay the processing fee. In Canada, DWI is governed under the criminal code while in the US it is more likely to be considered a less serious offence. Please call 306 927 2335 for more information or to obtain a brochure entitled “Criminal Entry in Canada”. If you have had any form of a criminal record, as minor as it may seem to you, confirm entry into Canada prior to departing.


If you have any questions in regards to customs and entry into Canada please call:

Regina: (306) 780-5218

Saskatoon: (306) 975-4755

A phone call to customs could save you a lot of inconvenience if you have questions or are unsure of the regulations.


What our guests say

Gray and I want to thank you for making our hunts the best we've ever been on and the food and hospitality were great also. We are looking forward already to next year especially since the temperature here is 85 and the only thing flying are mosquitoes. Let us know if you have any plans to come this way and you will always be welcome. I already have one of my Tennessee hunting buddies interested in booking a hunt for 4 for next year and I am sending him your info tonight. Thank you both again for everything.
Tilman & Gray
It was a very special hunt for my son and myself! I recently had a life saving kidney transplant and to be able to share these memories with my son is priceless. The service you guys provide was amazing, the food was great the accommodations were clean and comfortable. Keith gives it 100% to make sure everyone has a great time. We will be back!
Ernie A.

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