Goose Hunting Saskatchewan Style

Goose Hunting in Saskatchewan. Hunters standing with their birds after a hunt.

You're going Goose Hunting Saskatchewan style! Duck Duck Goose Outfitting is your outfitter. The staff will tackle all the major tasks for you.

They'll do the pre-hunt scouting, provide transportation, supply the decoys, fix you up with a blind, and clean the geese you harvest. With all the big stuff out of the way, you can focus on the more personal items you need to bring for goose hunting in Saskatchewan.

Bring Your Firearm

Goose Hunting in Saskatchewan. Hunters in a the field at night with hunted birds.

You're going to need a gun. Check with your guide in advance to learn what shotgun gauge is recommended for goose hunting Saskatchewan style. You may also need to plug your gun in adherence to local hunting regulations.

After learning all you can from your guide, pattern your gun at home with the ammo you'll be using on your hunt. Once you've determined your shot pattern with paper targets, get some practice with shooting airborne clays. When it's time to head to the airport, be sure to pack your firearm in an airline-approved case.

Grab the Right Clothing for Goose Hunting Saskatchewan Style


When selecting clothing for goose hunting Saskatchewan style, it's important to keep two things in mind - camo and comfort. Camo can be anything from solid white to a grassy pattern. Choose what seamlessly blends into your hunting area. Migrating geese have keen eyesight and are suspicious of anything that looks out of place. Don't let a poor choice of clothing be what stands between you and a goose harvest.

In addition to choosing the right camo, you'll also need to bear in mind the weather conditions for the day. Wear clothing that dries quickly in case of rainy or snowy conditions. And bring along camo rain gear to keep yourself from getting drenched in a rain shower.

It's always wise to layer your clothing. This gives you the option of wearing all your layers to stay cozy or removing some of them as the day warms up. Breathability in layers is key to comfort. Even while staying warm, your skin needs air circulation to keep you dry and comfortable.

Stay Dry

Umbrellas in the rain

Protect your hands, feet, and head from heat loss on brisk autumn days. During cold weather hunts, merino wool gloves are a practical choice. They'll retain enough heat to help keep your fingers limber and warm while wicking away moisture that could cause a damp, clammy feeling. Their moisture-wicking properties allow them to dry as quickly as synthetic gloves, ensuring they dry well after handling downed geese, wet decoys, or getting rained on during the hunt.

Soppy socks and sloshy boots can make a hunt miserable. Your boots are liable to get wet while you're in the field. Choose a pair that's comfortable as well as waterproof. A pair that's lined with insulation will keep your feet toasty while goose hunting Saskatchewan style.

Top off your hunting ensemble with a merino wool beanie. This may be the most important item you wear. It will not only lock in heat that would otherwise be lost at your crown, but it will wick away moisture to keep you comfortable.

Cover the Legalities

It doesn't matter where you hunt, there are always rules to be followed. If you’re crossing the Canadian border, be sure your passport is up to date. Check laws and regulations well in advance of your trip to ensure your transition across the border will be a smooth one.

The bulk of responsibility for your goose hunting trip lies on the shoulders of your outfitter, but the smaller items are up to you. Be sure your firearm is ready for the hunt and properly packed for your flight into Canada. Research the climate and landscape of the area you'll be hunting so you can choose proper clothing and colour patterns for goose hunting in Saskatchewan. And be sure all legal requirements are met before you attempt to cross the border.

A snag with law enforcement, due to a regulations failure on your part, can put a damper on your goose hunt. Have your passport and any other legal documentation in order so you won't get held up at the border. With your outfitter covering the big stuff, and all the smaller details in place, you'll be all set to hit the Canadian outdoors for a little goose hunting Saskatchewan.