Experience bird hunting in Saskatchewan

The bird hunting area spans over 1,360,000 acres.

The owner, Keith Heisler is an experienced guide who has lived and hunted in the area for more than 45 years. 

The bird hunting area contains an abundance of small and large bodies of water surrounded by crops of peas, barley, wheat, and oats. This creates tremendous opportunity for our clients to be the first to hunt these magnificent birds as they migrate south.
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Scouting is done 2-3 days prior to duck hunting in Canada and specifically before hunting any field in Saskatchewan.

This scouting is essential because Saskatchewan, especially the hunting zones in Saskatchewan, provides one of the best terrains for waterfowl. Hunts are set up using prime decoy equipment and blinds. Before the hunt, the morning ritual starts with a continental breakfast and then it’s out to the fields for the morning goose hunt. This particular time is peak during duck season hunting as birds are active and the conditions are ideal. When the morning hunt is over, we head back to camp for a delicious hot breakfast made by our camp cook and some well-earned R&R!

The afternoon, especially in the renowned hunting zones in Saskatchewan, features field hunting ducks if you haven’t already limited out in the morning.

Given the diverse landscapes, duck hunting in Canada, and specifically Saskatchewan, can be quite the adventure.

If you have your limit, you are welcome to hunt upland game birds such as Ruffled Grouse, Sharp-tails, and Hungarian Partridge or explore other hunting zones in Saskatchewan.

As the evening settles, and after a day full of experiencing duck hunting in Canada, we are back at the lodge for a hearty home-cooked meal and some stories from the field. Reminiscing about the day, from the unique terrains of hunting zones in Saskatchewan to the challenges of duck season hunting, makes the end of the day special.

What our guests say

Gray and I want to thank you for making our hunts the best we've ever been on and the food and hospitality were great also. We are looking forward already to next year especially since the temperature here is 85 and the only thing flying are mosquitoes. Let us know if you have any plans to come this way and you will always be welcome. I already have one of my Tennessee hunting buddies interested in booking a hunt for 4 for next year and I am sending him your info tonight. Thank you both again for everything.
Tilman & Gray
It was a very special hunt for my son and myself! I recently had a life saving kidney transplant and to be able to share these memories with my son is priceless. The service you guys provide was amazing, the food was great the accommodations were clean and comfortable. Keith gives it 100% to make sure everyone has a great time. We will be back!
Ernie A.

When it comes to exceptional duck hunting in Canada, one of the primary factors ensuring success is securing access to prime farmlands – the natural feeding grounds of waterfowl.

We’re privileged in this aspect; our deep-rooted, generational ties with the majority of farmers in hunting zones in Saskatchewan grant us unparalleled access. These longstanding relationships, spanning at least two generations, aren’t merely transactional; they represent trust, mutual respect, and a shared passion for preserving the hunting tradition. As the duck season hunting progresses, our collaboration allows us to guide hunters to multiple feeding grounds. And, as any seasoned hunter can attest, more feeding areas translate directly to more bird sightings, enhancing the entire hunting experience in Saskatchewan.
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