Bird hunting

Bird Hunting in Northern Saskatchewan should be on the bucket list for anyone interested in Waterfowl hunting. Northern Saskatchewan is home to one of Canada's most active migratory bird flyways. From large Canada geese to pintail ducks, the area is host to thousands upon thousands of birds heading south toward milder winter climates every year. The abundance of waterfowl makes bird hunting in Northern Saskatchewan an exciting and productive experience.

Activity is hot and heavy during the months of September and October, so get ready to make an early autumn trip to harvest meaty Canada geese, Blue geese, Specklebellies, Snows, Mallard ducks, Pintails, and the area's many other waterfowl species.

As birds fly south in search of warmer temperatures and a hospitable winter environment, they burn tons of calories. Those calories must be replenished, so geese and ducks are in constant search of an inviting landing location brimming with nutrients.

Prime Bird Hunting Conditions

These waterfowl dine mainly on grass, grass seed heads, grains, and insects. With hundreds of miles of flight behind them and hundreds more ahead, waterfowl crave foods packed with the right kinds of nutrients. Situated near Chitek Lake, Duck Duck Goose Oufitting's hunting territory is a prime location for waterfowl to gather beneath the busy Northern Saskatchewan sky and eat to their hearts' content.

A great expanse of farmland offers an assortment of food sources for travelling birds. Post-harvest landscapes are loaded with leftover peas, barley, and wheat - all great sources of nutrition for birds. In addition to food, the landscape is dotted with pools of still water that invite waterfowl to cup their wings and settle down for a much-needed rest.

More Than Just Bird Hunting

In addition to migrating birds, Northern Saskatchewan is home to a myriad of native geese and ducks. With so much farmland available, native waterfowl are well-fed and ready for harvest.

What can you expect while bird hunting in Northern Saskatchewan? Be prepared to see Canada geese, Specklebellies, Blues, Cacklers, and Snow geese. The sound of thousands of wings beating and raucous bird calls can create a thunderous sound like none other.

A Northern Saskatchewan goose hunt is an experience you won't soon forget. And don't forget the migrating Mallards and Pintail ducks that frequent post-harvest farmland to tank up on food.

Your Duck Duck Goose Outfitting guide will set you up with the best gear in territory that has been heavily scouted to locate the best vantage points for taking home a harvest. Your guide will set up an inviting spread of both stationary and motorized decoys to create a natural appearance that will have waterfowl letting down their guard and their landing gears.

You'll be situated in a blind that offers plenty of cover and camouflage to keep you concealed and comfortable. Once you're set up for the hunt, your guide will begin calling to draw birds in close enough for gun range. Be ready - the birds come in fast and hot and won't wait for you to mull over your options. Pick your birds and let the shot fly!

Relax And Unwind

After the hunt, your guide will take you back to the lodge where you'll enjoy a piping hot meal to melt away the chill of a long day's hunt. Home-cooking and dinner table banter is the perfect way to wind down a busy day of calling, firing, and harvesting some of Canada's prime game. After supper, kick off your shoes, prop up your feet and take in the sports channel before crawling between crisp bed linens for a cozy night's sleep.

In the early morning hours, awake to a hot, inviting breakfast, and get ready to hit the grain fields for yet another day of hunting. Whether you're a single hunter, hunting with friends, or taking the kids on a once in a lifetime adventure, there's no better way to spend your vacation than bird hunting in Northern Saskatchewan.