Bird Hunting In Canada

Bird Hunting in Canada brimming with not only birds of course, but lots of wildlife, rich verdure, and a rolling landscape. Every expedition into the great Canadian wild is an experience to remember. On your next outing, be sure to take time to enjoy the area's native bird population.

Whether you're a birdwatching enthusiast or a hunter, the area has something to offer. Grab your notepad, binoculars, and camera and head into the great outdoors to see how many native avians you can add to your birdwatching list. Or grab your license and shotgun to hit the lakes and grain fields in search of an impressive Canadian bird harvest.

1. Canada Goose

Whether you're enjoying the Canadian outdoors while you're bird hunting in Canada bird simply taking in the fresh air and spectacular view of the province's landscape, the area's Canada geese are a must-see. These large game birds voice boisterous calls and can weight up to 14 lb. Their feathers are a combination of muddy brown, tan, and white with bold black and whiteheads.

The webbed feet of these birds make them well-suited for both aquatic and land excursions. Canada geese are native to the area but can also be seen in large numbers during the migratory season. If you're interested in taking home a Canada goose harvest, Saskatchewan offers heated hunting action during the weeks of early autumn. Hunters travel from around the world to take in the area's goose hunting opportunities.


2. Spruce Grouse

The spruce grouse is a medium-sized bird that weighs about a pound. A spruce grouse does spend some time on the ground, but this game bird is most often found in coniferous forests and spends much of its time perched on limbs or hopping from branch to branch in trees. Its diet consists mainly of insects, leaves, and berries, eliminating the need for a lot of ground time.

The female spruce grouse is arrayed in brown and buff feathers in a scaled pattern, while her male counterpart features rich brown feathers with contrasting white spots. If you're interested in harvesting spruce grouse, September through December is the season to schedule your Saskatchewan bird hunting expedition.


3. Ducks Galore!

Saskatchewan boasts an insanely large duck population and is home to a quarter of the ducks that live on the continent of North America. A keen observer may spot American wigeons, American black ducks, canvasbacks, buffleheads, blue-winged teal, cinnamon teal, green-winged teal, gadwalls, harlequin ducks, mallards, wood ducks, northern pintails, ruddy ducks, and many other waterfowl species.

Just grab a pair of binoculars and head to the nearest lake to see how many of these birds you can mark off your birdwatching list. Or if you're planning a Saskatchewan bird hunting trip, head to the grain fields and harvest a few mallards and pintails for some exquisite dining when you get back to your lodge.


4. Sharp-Tailed Grouse

Commonly known as the prairie chicken, the sharp-tailed grouse is Saskatchewan's official bird. The sharp-tailed grouse is one of the most popular game birds in the area and it grows to a size of almost 2 lb. It's typically hunted during the brisk months of autumn, so you can enjoy not only the hunt but the colors and aromas of a Canadian fall as well. Other popular game birds in Saskatchewan include ruffed grouse, Hungarian partridge, grey partridge, ring-necked pheasants, and ptarmigans.


5. Mountain Bluebirds

You don't have to participate in a Saskatchewan bird hunting trip to enjoy the area's feathered residents. In addition to an impressive array of game birds, Saskatchewan is home to a variety of colorful songbirds. Mountain bluebirds are small creatures that boast big color, showing off delicate plumage in brilliant shades of blue.

Mountain bluebirds favour wooded areas but are also commonly seen in yards and populated areas with available birdhouses. Not only do mountain bluebirds offer a visual sensation, but they also emit short, high-pitched songs that are sure to tickle your ears. There are many songbird species to appreciate in Saskatchewan, but the bluebird is one of the most brilliant spectacles to observe.

Saskatchewan is a land of wonders, both large and small. Whether you're in the area for some game bird hunting or have a list of birds to check off your birdwatcher's list, the province is sure to please. Saskatchewan bird hunting offers something for everyone with large game birds like the Canada goose and mid-sized land-dwellers like the spruce grouse.

And if you're looking to take home a few ducks, Saskatchewan is the place to be. On top of hunting, the area also has a multitude of beautiful songbirds in colors that pop against the lush Canadian landscape. There's truly something for everyone in Saskatchewan.

Bird hunting in Canada is an experience you don't want to miss.